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Education Destination for Kids

Education Destination for Kids

Why Theme parks are emerging as an Education Destination for Kids?


Theme parks are becoming popular around the world. Remember when we were growing up, there was no such concept as a theme park. There were amusement parks with joy rides. No doubt, it was fun but the learning aspect was missing. With theme parks opening up, it is now possible to have learning and fun at the same time.


Theme parks appeal to both kids and adults. So essentially when you go to a theme park, you and your kids both can have fun. Additionally, kids can learn also as is the case with role play theme parks.


Here are some of the reasons why theme parks are emerging as an education destination for kids:


It improves imagination!


Theoretical learning has its own merits. But, it does not foster imagination and creativity. When a child is creating his own learning through fun activities for kids in the theme park, he improves his imagination also. For example, if a theme park has a role play set up for kids where they play a firefighter, they will learn about the process as they have fun. Similarly, an astronaut role play will nurture ambition and imagination both for kids who are intrigued with science.


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It gives a first-hand experience to kids


Kids learn at play. They touch, feel and use the gadgets in a theme park for various activities. For e.g. the doctor role play can actually give an experience to the children about the various instruments that a doctor uses. This experimental learning setup helps the children to internalise the concepts rather than just remembering them.


It is family time!


Kids and adults both can enjoy theme parks. When you go out as a family, you also encourage your children to have discussions on the things that they want to do at the park. Conversations around experiences at the theme park also creating a bond of understanding and love between parents and their kids.


It is a mix of physical and academic education


Sitting in the classroom can become mundane and boring. When you move about in the spaces at the theme park, you will end up being both physically and mentally active. Physical movement prevents boredom from setting in. This, in turn, keeps your mind active. An active mind is a centre for learning. A theme park manages to bring about both physical and mental aspect of education.


Learning becomes fun


Ask any kid’s experience at the theme park and mostly you will hear "It was fun”. So much is said and done about making learning fun. Teachers use the various methodology in classrooms to make learning fun. At a theme park, the fun environment is given to your kids. Learning automatically gets induced in this setup.


If you haven’t been to theme parks with your family as yet, then put your doubts to rest. Theme parks can be the best outing for you. Most of the times, time for fun and learning is kept separate. If you now have the option of going to a place that offers both, you must not think twice. The time for contemplation is over. Look for a reputed chain of theme parks like Kidzania and plan a trip very soon. You will surely not be disappointed.