Activities for toddlers

Activities For Toddlers

The captivating, entertaining and learning activities for toddlers


Our little ones, who are new to this world, search around to do various activities as they are keen to know more about the surrounding and learn everything. Sometimes they snatch their elder siblings books, colors or stationary or other kitchen or household stuff to explore their usage in a play way. Toddlers mind works much faster and have the capacity to observe and learn much more than adults in no time. To enlighten the hugely creative and imaginative mind of these small kids, KidZania has come up with some exclusive activities for toddlers to give them a learning environment in a fun way.

Urbano House- it offers various fun and learning activities for toddlers where the little ones can enjoy drawing, jump on inflatable furniture, play with lots of toys, explore kitchen groceries and try some cooking to have fun. As this place is specially designed for activities for toddlers, parents can also come along and enjoy watching their toddler doing different activities and having lot of fun.


Elementary School- it is intentionally designed for activities for toddlers  where the parents can simply leave the kids to let them have a good learning time on their own and let the parents relax and enjoy watching their toddlers exploring a wide range of toddlers games like building blocks, musical instruments, animal puzzle, finger painting and much more. Elementary School provides best of the activities for toddlers to bring into action their swiftness, rapidity and construct logical ability.



Alphabets and Numeral tricks- KidZania offers interesting educational activities for toddlers in most fun and entertaining way. The variety of study material designed in an attractive way catches kid’s attention easily and makes them experience the learning as utmost fun.  Multicolored magnetic letters and number moulds, numerous puzzles, number mats, illustrative presentation, tracing and much more wide and exclusive range of activities for toddlers are offered in KidZania.


Shiamak Dance Studio- this place set the perfect ambience for your toddlers to step up their small feets and dance. The professional team of dance trainers will make your kid learn and enjoy dance and make them perform on stage live to let their family and parents cherish the amazing moment of seeing their little one perform to the beat of music. Dance studio is among the most engaging and fun activities for toddlers.


Role playing activities- KidZania offers more than 100 role playing activities for kids, out of which many of the activities are designed especially for toddlers like dabbawala of KidZania, KidZania police department, KidZania department store, parle buiscuit factory and much more. These activities for toddlers are very entertaining and captivating.


Here, I have discussed some the interesting activities for toddlers, but these are like just few droplets in a sea. KidZania has much more to offer to your toddlers and bring a joyful smile to their cute face. KidZania is a complete hub of various kids’ activities that you cannot find anywhere else.