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School Trips

An environment that empowers kids to explore, challenge themselves and open their mind to new experiences

Kids-day School Visits at KidZania Mumbai

Unlike traditional theme parks, cinemas & dedicated kids’ zones in malls, there are neither arcade games nor amusement rides at KidZania. It is our mission to provide an environment that empowers Kids to explore, challenge themselves and open their minds to new experiences. This makes KidZania a unique educational city which stimulates creative thinking and boosts self-esteem and self-confidence levels.

KidZania provides a safe, indoor environment that empowers kids to explore, challenge themselves and open their minds to new experiences thereby stimulating creative thinking and boosting self-esteem and self-confidence levels. KidZania offers a truly unique experience and an interactive learning opportunity. It fosters a hands-on approach for children to explore the world of work, and the wealth of possibilities that it presents in a safe, secure and vibrant environment. 

In addition to a day of edutainment, schools can pre-book meals for the children visiting. Any specific dietary requirements will need to be shared with the coordinator at the time of booking.

KidZania India hosted the Edu Zummit Pre-School series 2019 which was attended by prominent educators, principals & teachers. Hear what they have to say about the Zummit and KidZania!



Pricing for Schools

Activities at KidZania welcome kids from age 2 to 16 years.


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Lunch Packages

  1. Pav Bhaji, Frooti
  2. Pav Bhaji, Veg Noodles, Frooti
  3. Veg Pizza 8-inch, French fries, Frooti 

Inspired Fun and Learning

The activities at KidZania have been designed in consultation with leading educators, child psychologists, and play experts, focusing on creativity, critical thinking, communication, confidence, and collaboration. This content is developed to complement school curriculum to ensure that it makes for an educational field trip for kids of all ages.

KidZania’s educational offering is ideally suited to pupils aged between 4 to 14 years, where they are in charge of their own aspirations and their own learning journey.

Kids can choose to participate in their choice of 100+ activities at KidZania that teach them about real-life jobs or professions, developing key skills like – Psychomotor, Cognitive, Emotional, Social and Language Skills.

By doing such activities, kids will be exposed to the workings of different industries and understand the plethora of career options available to them. 


Kids will be able to develop a wide range of essential skills and attributes including: 

  • Teamwork,
  • Communication,
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Financial literacy,
  • Digital literacy,
  • Emotional intelligence,
  • and Global Citizenship


  • Indoor, temperature controlled environment

  • High-quality air monitoring and filtration systems

  • Highly trained staff

  • RFID security bracelets

  • CCTV monitoring

  • Medical service (first aid)



  • Support in the processing of permits for the visit

  • Variety of packages to choose from (all-inclusive packages and seasonal promotions)

  • Simple reservation and payment system


  • Lounge for teachers and parents (rest area, board games, free internet)

  • Spa services

  • Food and beverage

  • Ample parking

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