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Quality Control & Inspection Hub

Analyse and Sort the best quality fruit.

Kiwifruit Harvest, Check & Deliver


  • Nutrition Experts

Activity Description

This activity allows children to play the role of Kiwifruit Nutrition Experts and check the Nutrition Content in the 30-nutrient- filled Kiwifruit. Kids would be trained to undertake various tests such as Nutrition Analysis, Weight Test, and Sorting. Thereafter, they would package the same for delivery. On completing this activity, kids are given a kiwi-fruit as a reward.


Activity Duration

20 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Cognitive Skills: The memory and attention are necessary to analyze the weight and the nutrition value of the fruit.
  • Psychomotor Skills: The visitors learn to use their skills of understanding the job of a nutrition expert.



Kids earn 10 Kidzos on completing this activity.