Roleplay a Police Officer | Toddler Learning Games


Police Department

Don the uniform of a Police Officer, go out on patrol to maintain safety in the city

Police-badge Ensure Your City Has Zero Crime


  • Forensic Investigator
  • Police Officer 

Activity Description

KidZania has its own Police Department to ensure there is zero crime and no laws are broken. With KZPD, the people of the city can move around and can go about their everyday lives in safety and security. You are also responsible for investigating and solving crimes and responding to emergency calls.


Activity Duration

20 minutes

Educational Content

  • Cognitive: Solve the clues and analyze where the suspect could be or the next clue is.
  • Communication: Interact with people on the streets to solve the mystery. Work in synergy to optimize everyone's skill set.
  • Motor Skills: Use of the right tools/equipment for the CSI Case or right traces to find the suspect.
  • Moral Development: Learning what is right and what is wrong to take a decision accordingly.



Kids will earn 10 kidZos from completing this activity.