places to visit with family

places to visit with family

The top-notch places in Mumbai to explore with family


Mumbai is the hub of variety of excellent amusement parts and picnic spots places for both local citizens and visitors from outside. For a family trip, we need a place that caters to all age groups to ensure an amazing and fun-filled family outing.  In Mumbai, there are many wonderful places to visit with family where all age groups from toddlers to adults can spend an incredible day and enjoy to the fullest. The most famous places to visit with family in Mumbai are-


Essel world- is an amusement park that everyone has heard about. It is a popular spot of the city that attracts all age groups to have fun. The exclusive and adventurous rides make it a perfect place to visit with family. This fun place has got a wide range of awe-inspiring rides from easier ones to bolder ones. The top rides that are much liked are Aqua Dive ride, Highway Cars, essel world cyclone, Road Train, rollercoaster, Hedge Maze, and much more. The exhilarating rides make the day exciting and fetch grand entertaining time family and friends.


Imagica theme park- is also an amusement park that has got something for all age groups.  Be it adventurous rides for daredevils or a merry go round for kids, imagica has got everything to offer a family a perfect pleasurable outing. The Boomerango, Swirl Whirl and Loopy Woopy are the most attractive rides of Imagica. There is also a gaming section in Imagica with virtual reality games, arcade games, bowling, and go karting along with kids play area. The variety of fun activities makes it a suitable place to visit with family.


KidZania- can be referred to as proud picnic spot of the nation as it has come up with a revolutionary idea of combining education with entertaining activities. KidZania is unquestionably a perfect place to visit with family as it offers a wide range of fun activities for kids of all age groups. All the activities in KidZania are professionally planned and designed by child psychologists, educationist and play experts to ensure a healthy learning with utmost safety and entertainment. in addition, it opportunity it brings for parents to see the smiling faces of their little ones indulged in various fun activities is what makes KidZania a best place to visit with family.  



Diamond adventure park– is the theme park that comprises 29 enthralling activities for all groups. All the adventurous activities like rock climbing or swing ball tackle are designed with utmost safety. This is an entertaining place to visit with family mainly in summers. There are many interesting activities for kids too. In short, it is a fun place to visit with family to match up with different levels of andrenaline of both kids and adults.  


These are the best places to spend a perfect day with your family and near dear ones. It is a family picnic for which kids look forward during weekends and vacations. So, treat your kids with visit to these exciting places and have a wonderful time at these places to visit with family.