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fun activities for kids in mumbai

Fun Activities For Kids in Mumbai

After the examination pressure or hectic schedule of kids, like we adults find some peace; the kids look out for some fun and entertainment. To give them a fun-filled break, parents should find out a perfect destination that is full of fun activities for kids. In Mumbai, though there are many adventure parks, water parks, gaming Zones and themed restaurants, but I found one of the place, very unique, very creative and thoroughly kids oriented that serves kids with exciting fun games and learning games. Yes, you are guessing it right; it’s the KidZania who have brought a revolutionary change in the fun world of kids. It has got numerous fun activities for kids with the dose of learning.  



Out of the wide range of fun activities for kids that KidZania offers, some of the fun activities for kid’s are-


Role Playing Activities- This is the extra-ordinary, unusual and very significant fun activity for kids KidZania has come up with. These activities offer the kids to impersonate various professionals and experience how it feels to be in a particular profession. Such fun activities for kids augment their mind's eye power and egg on their creativity.


Furtados Music Studio- the Music Academy gives the kids chance to try their hands on different music instruments and create their own melodies. This is a unique and very engaging fun activity for kids that offer them to explore about rhythms, create music and play music instruments. The studio provides a theatre as well to let the kids perform on stage with their team and showcase their creation.


Bollywood Actors Academy- kids love to act and deeply follow bollywood stars, their moves and their dialogues. This academy gives the kids a platform to show their keenness and talent and explore the best acting workshop. It is definitely one of the best fun activities for kids where they get to learn as well as showcase their acting skills by performing on stage live.


Animation Studio- It is one of the most interesting fun activities for kids that let the kids use their creativity and vast imagination to produce and direct their own animated movie with the latest animation technology. Such fun activities for kids keep the kids engaged; energized and offers a good dose of edutainment (education + entertainment).  


Video Games- video game is also one of the engaging and captivating fun activities for kids. KidZania has brought the latest video games with sensor technology and multi-dimensional experiences to bring the real and out of the world playing experience. Video game if played within a time limit under some supervision helps kids to use and practice their mind faster.


These are just the few examples out of the vivacious and exclusive range of fun activities for kids, KidZania is offering. All the fun and learning games and activities in KidZania are professionally designed by play experts and child psychologists with proper safety measures to give the kids best learning environment in a fun way. All these features and safety measures makes KidZania a best place for fun activity for kids.