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Maruti Suzuki Driving Street

Take your car out for a spin on the Driving Streets

Driving-streets Rent & Drive


  • Chauffer Service 
  • Rent-A-Car 


Activity Description

Take your car out for a spin once you have got your first driver's license. 


Activity Duration

10 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: Following the road, handling acceleration and brakes, making sure don't bump into fellow drivers and the walls
  • Cognitive Skills: Awareness and reaction to drivers on the street. Following safety instructions
  • Emotional Skills: Concentrations while driving, happiness- Visitor gets entrusted with driving their own car
  • Social Skills: Respecting fellow drivers on the street, interacting with the gas station attendant



Kids will pay 10 kidZos as a coustomer who rents a car. 

Kids will get to take 2 laps as a Chauffer. 


* Establishment has restrictions by age and physical criteria


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