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NEXA Car Dealership

Meet customers, demonstrate the USPs of the car and make a sale

Car-dealer Calling Professional Car Salesmen


  • Customer Service Executive

Activity Description

Kids learn how to act like a Professional Car Salesman at the Car Dealership in the City. They learn how to engage a customer, highlight the benefits of their product and close deals. The demonstrator will exhibit the Maruti Suzuki Ignis, its advantages and benefits in the activity.


Activity Duration

15 Minutes


Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: Motor skills like the use of an instrument like the car keys and explaining the features by moving/functioning of various parts of a car.
  • Cognitive Skills: Improve their memory - Remember every feature and analyse your customer by his response and tweak your conversation to see interest generated
  • Social Skills: Improve as they interact with the customers, communication through conversation and designs.



Kids will earn 8 kidZos in this activity.


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