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Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy

Turkish Airlines and KidZania India, the global edutainment theme park, have come together to announce a partnership for the KidZania Aviation Academy at their Indian theme parks in Mumbai & Delhi NCR.
This is the first time that any airline in India has built an establishment in KidZania to stimulate fun learning about the aviation industry among kids. This one of its kind association is also present in KidZania Istanbul, where the aviation academy is supported by Turkish Airlines.

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Fun Activities For Kids in Mumbai

After the examination pressure or hectic schedule of kids, like we adults find some peace; the kids look out for some fun and entertainment. To give them a fun-filled break, parents should find out a perfect destination that is full of fun activities for kids. In Mumbai, though there are many adventure parks, water parks, gaming Zones and themed restaurants, but I found one of the place, very unique, very creative and thoroughly kids oriented that serves kids with exciting fun games and learning games. 


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Boost your child’s confidence

Have you ever felt being under confident in front of the crowd? Or you feeling incompetent to complete certain task? Well, we all have felt under confident at certain junction of our life. Be it completing certain assignment, or speaking in our school assemblies, we all have felt those jitters and nervousness. 

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How KidZania brings families closer

When was the last time you spent time with your kids, or when did you all go for an outing as a family? The hectic work schedule has secluded people. Thus, most of the families are loosing against the sands of time. 


There is still hope when KidZania is there. KidZania Mumbai is a global indoor theme park meant to educate your child in a practical yet fun manner. Setup in a huge campus with 100+ role-playing activities, KidZania is providing your children to experience the adult world themselves.

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5Years of Excellence in Edutainment

KidZania Mumbai is a global indoor theme amusement theme park for kids. KidZania Mumbai is specially conceptualised in order to simulate a real life city and provide its visitor a hands on experience of the adult world. KidZania provides more than hundred real life role playing activities which help your kids to step in the shoes of their adult counterparts and gain a deeper insight into the working of the adult world. KidZania works with the motive to provides fun to kids as they learn and thrive in a holistically developed environment.

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Celebrate Kid’s Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are something that really enthuses kids. Be it the birthday kid itself or his/her friends who are going to attend the birthday party, both are equally concerned and excited about the venue, activities, and food they are going to enjoy in the party. For kids, birthdays are like festivals; it is the occasion when they get to get together with their friends and spend a great time collectively. Finding the best place to celebrate the birthday of your kid is an important task to make their birthday celebration grand and most memorable forever.

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Variety of Fun Activities for Kids

Teaching is purely an artwork. Making kids learn different things smoothly and in an exciting way is the greatest art that can make the kids enjoy growing up and learn things practically and scrupulously with utmost fun. There are lots of ways of creating fun activities for kids to make the kids enjoy and learn simultaneously. KidZania in Mumbai is one such place that is pretty interesting and happening for kids as there are numerous fun activities for kids available.

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Age Appropriate Role Plays

Role plays have evolved as a learning technique for the young as well as an entertainment medium for the grown-ups. If we purely consider the young learners, therein also appears a significant developmental difference across age groups. 

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Birthday Celebration Package

Birthday is one of the most awaited day for any kid. The nostalgia of a birthday cake with full décor and games along with having delicious food with your family and friends still flutters our heart. Make this birthday of your child more special for him by allowing your very own KidZania to surprise him with our multi featured birthday celebration packages.

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Activities for kids in Mumbai

In the exhausting months of summers or in the winter season in Mumbai, it is not possible to go out in outdoor places to enjoy adventure activities, play outdoor games or have a fun-filled happening time with family or friends. To deal with these seasonal hold back, indoor amusement parks or places are the appropriate options that offers indoor activities for kids in Mumbai to let your kids enjoy their holidays and have a fun and leisure time.


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Amusement Park for Kids in Mumbai

Childhood is one such stage wherein the child thrives to explore new arenas everyday. With its characteristic fickle mindedness and the exemplary curiosity to discover the potential talent, kids nowadays wish to spend their time at places which gives them ultimate thrill and joyful entertainment. KidZania Mumbai is your one stop destination for all your entertainment needs. KidZania Mumbai is one of the leading  global indoor amusement park for kids in Mumbai. It offers more than 100 role playing activities for your kids which enables them to gain a deeper insight into their desired profession.

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Family picnic spot in Mumbai

Family time is very critical to run a happy, healthy and fun-filled family. It is very important for the guardian of the family to take their loved ones to a happening and captivating picnic spot and spend a great quality time. While planning to go for a family picnic spot in Mumbai, search out for various options and choose prudently the best place that caters to the need of all family members and brings a lot of entertaining time especially for kids. 


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Educational Children Learning Games

Making the children get to learn in a joyful way is something that all the parents wish for. The need to add up some practical children learning games in a captivating and entertaining way is important along with the conventional way of education as children can grasp and retain practical knowledge rendered by children learning games forever. The role of adding entertainment and fun is to keep the children engaged in those children learning games and utilize their time well by performing both activities learning and gaming together. 

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Why KidZania Mumbai?

Before you decide to visit KidZania Mumbai, let’s see a brief explanation about KidZania.

What is KidZania?

KidZania is one of the fastest growing interactive children learning and entertainment brands in the world. It’s an interactive city specially made for children between ages 2 to 16 years that combines inspiration, fun activities, and world-class learning through realistic role play. 

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Family picnic with KidZania

Summer vacation is the best part of the year for kids as it is the time when they get to meet their cuisines and near dear ones. It is the absolutely amazing time for which the children crave for to spend a quality time with their family and close relatives. If you belong to Mumbai or going to visit Mumbai, then you have lot of options to go out for a family picnic and have fun. There is one place in Mumbai that is KidZania which is exclusive, very entertaining and an appropriate family picnic destination to make the kids enjoy to the core along with a good dose of significant learning’s.


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Place in Mumbai to have family fun

To create a beautiful bond with your family, it is important to spend some quality time with them time to time. Obviously, everyone has their fixed routine life, and finding out time from that routine is not possible. But you can spare a specific day or particular amount of time in a month exclusively for family fun. After all, it is the family for which we work so hard and put all the efforts. 


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Activities For Toddlers

Our little ones, who are new to this world, search around to do various activities as they are keen to know more about the surrounding and learn everything. Sometimes they snatch their elder siblings books, colors or stationary or other kitchen or household stuff to explore their usage in a play way. Toddlers mind works much faster and have the capacity to observe and learn much more than adults in no time. To enlighten the hugely creative and imaginative mind of these small kids, KidZania has come up with some exclusive activities for toddlers to give them a learning environment in a fun way.


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places to visit with family

Mumbai is the hub of variety of excellent amusement parts and picnic spots places for both local citizens and visitors from outside. For a family trip, we need a place that caters to all age groups to ensure an amazing and fun-filled family outing.  In Mumbai, there are many wonderful places to visit with family where all age groups from toddlers to adults can spend an incredible day and enjoy to the fullest.


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Press-news Blogger Opinions

Since we have opened, various bloggers and influencers have visited the park. Here are some excerpts of their experience at KidZania Delhi NCR with their kids.


Review Of Kidzania, Mumbai

The entrance to Kidzania is done up as an airlines check-in counter where I received my boarding pass, Kidzania passport (which is actually a map) and a security device was tagged to my hand. Armed with my possessions I was ready to take-off...

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Kidzania Mumbai organized a #GlobalHandWashingDay on 15th October 2017

Kidzania Mumbai organized a Global Handwashing Week on 15th October 2017. Their motive was to teach kids more about benefits of proper handwashing and side effects of not washing hands properly.

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Anuradha Shankar talks about her Zuper Day at KidZania Mumbai

Whats in store for adults?

Family outing is something which we all cherished throughout our life. Be it a picnic at some suburban place or a joyful time at a movie, every outing remains etched in our memory. But what if you want your kids to learn while they play and have fun?


KidZania Mumbai is the best global indoor amusement theme park which has something to offer to every age group.

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Option for Family Picnic in Mumbai

Going out for family picnic is something everyone craves for in today’s busy world. Everyone has their own fix schedules and commitments to accomplish and all these things are taking us away from family get together and family picnic. In fact, in the weekends too, we look for some relaxation and chilling out time. But what about kids, obviously they want to go out for family picnic, have fun and explore new things. Parents also look for best options for family picnic to take their children along to utilize their weekends with both entertainment and learning.

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Dreams come true at KidZania Mumbai

Childhood is like a huge canvas, where every experience adds a dash of vibrant colour to illuminate the dreams. Its one of the most crucial part of one’s life. Making a choice in your childhood isdifficult, because if one day you are inspired by Messi to become a footballer, then the other day APJ Abdul Kalam may inspire you to become a scientist. No matter what your choices maybe, KidZaniaMumbai gives the wings to your never ending dreams with its 100+ role playing activities.

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Dress-Up Role Plays

Children of any age group have constantly relished dressing in costumes and doing role-playing games. Whether your kid is a dragon, a royalty or a fairy, your kid’s brain is in full swipe when they are on a get-up! And although it may only seem like a game to you, when your child picks up the pirate's cape, crest, or an eye patch, their brain progresses more than you can envisage. 

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Better English Skills with Roleplay

Role play refers to the method of learning in which students/kids’ enact different roles in different situations. The different roles they embody enable them to think like that particular person for e.g. a policeman or a teacher, and thereafter use appropriate communication. The appropriateness of the conversation contributes to the development of their linguistic proficiency, cognitive abilities and builds confidence and fluency. 

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Exciting Kids Learning Games

The time is changing and so is the way of education. The new generation kids necessitate updated version of education that gives practical knowledge in a play mode style. Kids learning games are something that catches the interest of kids.


Kids learning games fasten education and entertainment together to make the learning fun. KidZania is one such platform that has come up with numerous kids learning games to enable the kids enjoys their childhood along with learning and understanding the world. This approach of learning is very fruitful and provides hassle free and effortless learning.

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Education Destination for Kids

Theme parks are becoming popular around the world. Remember when we were growing up, there was no such concept as a theme park. There were amusement parks with joy rides. No doubt, it was fun but the learning aspect was missing. With theme parks opening up, it is now possible to have learning and fun at the same time.

Theme parks appeal to both kids and adults. So essentially when you go to a theme park, you and your kids both can have fun. Additionally, kids can learn also as is the case with role play theme parks.

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Role-playing activities for kids

100+ real-life role-playing activities for kids under one roof - Kidzania Mumbai


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 
― Nelson Mandela


Education paves the way for a bright and successful future. As parents, we should understand its importance and aim to offer quality education to our children. With these thoughts, KidZania embarked on its journey in providing global standard education which is blended with reality and entertainment. KidZania Mumbai, the global indoor city offering 100+ real-life role-playing activities for kids under one roof to make children understand and manage their world. 

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Role Plays -Fun, Education or Both?

Role play activities are emerging out to be the best fun activities for kids. In a role play, the child impersonates a character and indulges in pretend play. This could be at an individual or group level. Role play ignites the imagination of the child. At the same time, it is a fun activity for kids. When we look at fun activities for kids, role plays definitely take the top position.

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Different ways of Learning

For years, teachers and kids have followed and had different ways acquiring knowledge and teaching. Each teacher has his own style, but most students also. The problem is when the teachers cannot identify the student’s style of learning. You may have observed that even your own child end tounderstandin their own way than you. If parents understand how their kids learn best, they can help their child learn more effectively. 

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A Trip to an Adventure Park

Going to an adventure park is extremely exciting. There is a thrill about the entire trip. You have this fuzzy feeling about what is in store for you at the adventure park. There are rides, role play setups and multi-dimensions experiences that await you.

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Modern Era of Birthday Celebrations

Gone are those days when you use to play musical chair or pass the ball games during birthday parties. Today's kids are looking for a better and superior way to get delighted as they rejoice their special day. In the past 15 years, children's birthday parties’ celebration ideas have become diversified.  The clearest proof of this could be the rise of party arrangement professionals for children's birthdays. These hubs have identified the style of parents' outsourcing of kids' birthday parties and have started to plan out in such ways to attract kids.

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Activities inside KidZania Mumbai

Welcome to the real world of edutainment. The world-class education along with fun-filled activities offers your kids a different learning experience that they never had. If you have a plan to visit Mumbai with your kids or you are in Mumbai, then KidZania is the only theme park in Mumbai which offers a good entertainment and educational value for your kids. Now, let’s go deeper about the activities for kids and adults in KidZania Mumbai.

KidZania Mumbai is a global indoor city for entertainment and learning built-to-scale for kids. There are more than hundreds of role-play activities for kids to try out. Children can choose their dream profession to learn more about it and to be aware of the real world happenings.

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Acting Academy: Dramatic-Role-plays

Dramatic play is a sort of role-playing game in which kids’ take-up roles and plays them. They play to be somebody or something else probably a mom, or a superhero or anybody. Occasionally children take roles from the actual world; at times they take imaginary roles. In any case, it is the game that breaks down the fences of realism and leads to thoughtful and natural learning.

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Why Indoor Activities are Important

There has always been a debate about the usefulness of indoor activities for kids. While there is almost no one who questions the benefits of outdoor activities, indoor activities have always been under scrutiny. With the emergence of play areas and indoor theme parks like KidZania, indoor activities for kids have become fun again.

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