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Better English Skills with Roleplay

Better English Skills with Roleplay

Role Play Activities to Enable English Conversation


Role play refers to the method of learning in which students/kids’ enact different roles in different situations. The different roles they embody enable them to think like that particular person for e.g. a policeman or a teacher, and thereafter use appropriate communication. The appropriateness of the conversation contributes to the development of their linguistic proficiency, cognitive abilities and builds confidence and fluency.  This fun method of learning enables deep rooted learning involving the mind and the heart. When kids engage in role play, they emote like another person which enables learning at an emotional level. Also, the physical work involved in a role play like that of a fire fighter sparks the kinesthetic learning of the individual as well. It is commonly seen that role-play is used as an effective technique to enable conversational English speaking skills amongst kids. Here are some of the benefits of role play activities to enable English conversation:


  • Role play activities build functional language abilities in students. Books and literature often build reading skills in children but to translate this knowledge into speaking skills, role plays are extremely beneficial.
  • Role playing brings about new perspective building in kids since they learn to think in different situations of varying levels of difficulty and articulate their responses using their own intellect.
  • Role play helps in eliminating self conscious doubt amongst students and empowers them to shed their inhibitions as they emote and act.


Role playing activities to enable learning of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) is widely used in classrooms and institutions that specialize in English speaking skills. However, kids learn and imbibe from their atmosphere the most and if learning is induced in a fun way, it becomes even more impactful. Some of the role play ideas that enable language learning amongst kids are:


  • Telephonic Conversations: Provide two speaker details to the students, a topic of conversation and the duration. You may/may not provide the purpose of the telephonic call and let it be open for the players to explore between themselves.
  • Going to a Departmental Store: A departmental store role play is one that involves many participants. Assign roles of shopper, helper, cashier and checker to the children.
  • Situations involving public places like a bank, a gas station etc: Real life situations boost maximum learning and is also helpful in the long run. Create role plays around withdrawal of money from the bank, filling up gas from a gas station, buying a ticket to board the Metro and so on.
  • Booking a Hotel: The two participants to be given a brief with requirements of the guest and the services available at the hotel. This back and forth communication will enable language learning in an amazing manner.
  • A situation that involves an argument: Arguments are also a part of our daily life and everyone needs to build the skill to navigate through the arguments in favor of your point. Providing a situation like argument between neighbours, friends or with the authority are good ways to build conversational skills.


Language development includes two facets – one, learning the rules of the language; two, learning the construction of the language. A role play is an ideal way where both the above come together to create spoken language (English, in this case) and hence should be included from toddler stage of education of a child.