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Make your own animation movie

Animation-studio Calling Young Animators


  • Trainee Animator


Activity Description

Produce and make your own blockbuster Animation movie with the newest animation techniques. Children learn to make stock-block animation films. Here they are taken through the entire process an animation film undergoes right from brainstorming at a story-board to the final editing.



20 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills:  Learning the art of using the correct props and animating each frame
  • Cognitive Skills:  Setting the kids imagination free to explore their creativity. Gain accuracy in terms of timing, position and getting the storyboard right. And it’s all about giving attention to minor details
  • Emotional Skills: Happiness in terms of executing the job and being able to create their very first animation job
  • Social Skills: Through teamwork and communication they make magic come to life and also being able to tell a visual story to the world



Kids receive 8 kidZos as Animation Film-makers.


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