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Amusement Park for Kids in Mumbai

Amusement Park for Kids in Mumbai

Childhood is one such stage wherein the child thrives to explore new arenas everyday. With its characteristic fickle mindedness and the exemplary curiosity to discover the potential talent, kids nowadays wish to spend their time at places which gives them ultimate thrill and joyful entertainment. KidZania Mumbai is your one stop destination for all your entertainment needs. KidZania Mumbai is one of the leading  global indoor amusement park for kids in Mumbai. It offers more than 100 role playing activities for your kids which enables them to gain a deeper insight into their desired profession.


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KidZania presents to you its own Acting Academy wherein you can discover your innate talent of being an actor. You can either take the world by your charm as an actor or simply cheer the crowd as a performer. KidZania rolls out the red carpet for our very own superstars to perform in front of 100 seater KidZania theatre wherein their loved ones can see them perform live on stage. Icing on the cake? You can earn 8 Kidzos which is the official currency of KidZania city and redeem for different gifts.


Acting on the stage not only lets your child develop his personality but also helps him in enhancing these skills :-


• Psychomotor skills: Learning the art of acting and dancing helps the child to express in a better way

• Cognitive skills: It helps to adapt the style, learning to imitate with precision and also improve the child’s memory by remembering dialogues and steps

• Emotional skills:  Expressing the nine emotions the human being captures and also learn to change moods according to various scenes

• Social skills: Helps to interact with people on stage, impress the audience and also get applauded for the confidence and strong stage presence


So what are you waiting for? Head to the best amusement for kids in Mumbai so that they learn while they have fun in your very own KidZania city to have the best time of their life.