About KidZania

The security of each and every one of our visitors is of the utmost importance to us. We have therefore developed a strict and detailed security and safety system that involves:

  • Controlled access – We open only one entrance and one exit for visitors during normal working hours.
  • Video cameras are strategically placed in different parts of the centre for security of visitors.
  • RFID bracelets – Each visitor that enters KidZania will be given a unique security bracelet for the duration of the visit. This security bracelet can only be removed by our staff through a specialized system when the visitor has to leave. The security bracelets are also assigned in groups as they come in, so a child cannot exit KidZania if an authorized adult or the whole party is not present.
  • Well trained personnel are positioned/deployed in various parts of the facility, including the entrance, emergency exit, and strategic locations.
  • Qualified staff - Our staff is constantly trained for proper handling of incidents and emergencies.