Learn With KidZania?

Learn With KidZania

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Inspiring Learning and Empower Children with the KidZania Experience 

The KidZania experience offers a truly unique and interactive learning opportunity. It fosters a hands-on approach for children to explore the world of work and the wealth of possibilities that it presents in a safe, secure and vibrant environment. 

How KidZania helps Teachers

The rich learning environment at KidZania also provides a unique opportunity for the educators or teachers to:

  • Observe the performance of his/her students both at the personal level of interaction with others, and in the application of knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes in different situations very similar to reality
  • Develop and strengthen competencies
  • Identify areas of opportunity to develop different capacities in their students
  • Identify children’s interests and motivations, which lead them to develop various learning situations at school

We also conduct special teachers' workshops. For further information, visit our Educational Value page