The Stock Exchange

Kickstart your investments!


  • Fund Manager *NEW
  • Investor *NEW

Activity Description

Your kids open their minds to the world of investing and earning more kidZos through a lifelike Stock Exchange developed especially for them. Kids choose between being a Fund Manager, who’ll be strategically investing funds or an Investor where they make their money work for them over time. Coupled with tests and the interaction with a computer software, kids begin to understand financial terms, portfolio management and various asset classes.

Activity Duration

20 Minutes

Skills Gained

  • Psychomotor Skills: As a Fund Manager, the visitors would keep coming back to check the status of their asset classes.
  • Cognitive Skills: Develop financial literacy and discover the value of money via tests and investments.
  • Emotional Skills: A sense of satisfaction having made a wise decision and rewarding choices – invest, earn, save and spend.
  • Social Skills: Handling their own money while dealing with other touch points in the facility and interacting with other Investors for better investment strategy.
  • Language Skills: Learning financial terminology.


Earn 12 kidZos as a Fund Manager or pay any amount you wish above 10 kidZos to open your account and start Investing.