Television Studio

Anchor, Report, Record & Edit your own TV show.


  • Actors
  • Reporters
  • Cameramen
  • Editors

Activity Description

A platter of different activities offered to the visitors. They can choose to be a reporter, reporting the cricket scores or the weather, a cameraman taking the perfect shot and an editor who would edit and make the final piece! After auditioning the roles are allotted to the visitors. They rehearse the scene together. The show finally rolls in. Roll sound, camera and action.


Activity Duration

30 Minutes

Skills Gained

  • Coordination: Working in synergy to create the show with the help of various departments.
  • Cognitive Skills: Remember the dialogue and follow the chronology of the shoot- follow instructions and get a perfect shot.
  • Creativity: Putting up a great performance in front of the camera and your audience.



Kids earn 8 KidZos for this activity.