Learn various roles from a customer shopping to a cashier at the supermarket


  • Customer
  • Inventory Manager    
  • Cashier

Activity Description

Here, visitors get a chance to step in to the various roles from a customer shopping at the supermarket to a cashier scanning all products and billing them and managing the stock in the store.

Activity Duration

15 Minutes

Skills Gained

  • Psychomotor Skills: Handling products, trolleys, and scanner while checking the inventory, billing or shopping.
  • Cognitive Skills: Memorizing shopping lists, analysing shopping items & billing them accurately, counting the products and reporting the inventory.
  • Communication Skills: They learn how to interact with customers and their own staff.


Kids will earn 8 KidZos as cashier or 10KidZos inventory manager. The role of a customer is apt for toddlers and is free. Parents can accompany the toddlers if required while they shop.