Music School

Fulfil your passion of learning and playing various instruments.



Activity Description

The Music Academy offers kids a unique opportunity to learn about rhythms, create your own music and how to play the drums. Practise the rhythm play your tune along with the team in front of an audience

Activity Duration

30 Minutes

Skills Gained

  • Social: Drumming often occurs as a collaborative, interactive process. 
  • Communication: Playing a drum or percussion instrument can be a useful way to communicate nonverbally and to “listen” to another person’s nonverbal communication.
  • Fine and Gross Motor: This may almost seem self-evident, but different playing techniques can be used to help work on different fine and gross motor skills. 
  • Emotional: Participating in a drumming activity can help a child feel safe enough to express his/her feelings.


Kids will have to pay 12 KidZos for this activity.