KidZania CounZil

KidZania CounZil

** CounZil Elections are now closed. Kindly stay tuned for updates from the Oath Ceremony. **

What is KidZania CounZil?

KidZania being a nation for kids has its own government which looks after the welfare of the tourists and CitiZens of KidZania. An integral part of this government is KidZania CounZil which is formed of young leaders between the age of 7 - 14 yrs, who commit to keep the KidZania spirit alive and enriched.

KidZania CounZil members meet 8 times in a year [4 field trips & 4 discussions] to discuss topics such as media, entertainment, education, literature as well as current trends and technologies. KidZania CounZil is responsible for bringing change and improvement in the overall KidZania experience and are required to serve KidZania for a period of one year.

Young leaders of tomorrow, apply for the KidZania CounZil today! Parents, sign your kids up for the KidZania CounZil, which is the government body of our city - KidZania Mumbai! Shortlisted applicants will be called by our CounZil team for the GD & PIs.

Please Note:

  • Any child who is aged 7 - 14 (i.e. aged 7 years but not above 14 years) as on September 15,2017 is eligible to apply for KidZania CounZil
  • The final eligibility for Shortlisting and Selection will be subject to the discretion and approval of Jury.
  • Participants can apply for KidZania Mumbai CounZil in either of the following ways;
    • By completing the registration form duly signed by the Parent/Guardian and then submit the signed registration form at the KidZania facility during operating hours only
    • By completing the registration form duly signed by the Parent/Guardian and email the scanned copy to
    • By filling in the online application form below or clicking here.
  • Incomplete forms will be disqualified
  • If your child is selected/qualified for the subsequent rounds, they will be invited to attend at a location and time specified by the Selection Management.
  • KidZania CounZil Members are selected for a period of 1 year through which they will meet for the respective sessions. Sessions will be held at a pre-decided time and location. If selected your child will be required to attend these sessions.
  • Entry form should be reviewed, approved and signed by the Parent or Guardian of the Participant.
  • Signing of the form [or submitting the online form] implies that you have read, understood and accepted all the detailed Terms & Conditions.