Express Delivery Service

Be a part of KidZania's delivery service.


Courier Delivery Professional

Activity Description

Effective logistics is essential in a global economy - businesses and individuals need to be able to rely of getting their goods and documents to the intended recipient as quickly, safely and cost effectively as possible - this is where you come in! Help keep KidZania's business ticking along and deliver some important and urgent parcels around the city.

Activity Duration

20 Minutes

Did You Know?

  • The first documented courier service was in Egypt in 2400 BC by the Pharaos.
  • The word 'mail' comes from the medieval English word 'male' that means 'travelling bag' and is not at all etymologically related to the word that refers to gender.
  • The underground railway system of the London Post Office, called “Mail Rail” was put into use in 1927 but closed in 2003 due to running costs.

Skills Gained

  • Collaboration: By working with fellow couriers in order to get packages delivered on time.
  • Communication: Through listening to directions from the courier Zupervisor and ensuring receipt at place of delivery.
  • Motor Skills: From driving the courier trolley and handling packages carefully.


Kids will earn 8 kidZos from completing this activity.