Department Store

Learn the art of both shopping and selling high quality goods!


  • Inventory Manager
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Customer

Activity Description

KidZania's own department store offers you the opportunity to both browse, shop and to experience what it's like to manage stock and serve customers in a busy store. Like any other department store around the world, we sell a wide range of high quality goods where your children can learn the complete process until the consumer exists the store.

Activity Duration

3 - 20 Minutes

Skills Gained

  • Collaboration: As children will work as a team during this activity.
  • Communication: By children listening and responding to the Zupervisors instructions and communicating with each other.
  • Motor Skills: Through handling money/cards and products within the department store. 


Visitors will be charged depending on products purchased.

Those who role-play for any of the other activities earn 8 kidZos.