Dental Care Health Clinic

A chance to perform a dental surgery on a patient.


  • Dentist's Assistant

Activity Description

Get important information on oral hygiene and brushing technique and perform Dental Surgery on the patient and ensure how can you have happy teeth.

Activity Duration

20 Minutes

Skills Gained

  • Psychomotor Skills: By means of imitation sense control and motor skills coordination visitors learn to perform a root canal and ensure oral hygiene correctly. There is also a coordination of brain and hand in performing the task
  • Cognitive Skills: Attention and memory are required while being trained to be a dentist. Being clear with the concept will help in analysing the situation. With good logic and communication skills, the visitors can complete this activity with ease and accuracy in time.
  • Social Skills: Visitors are exposed to the adult world of dental hygiene and with moral development, the visitors adapt to the social and professional life that leads to social development.



Kids will earn 8 kidZos on completion of this activity.