Cereal Factory

Be a food engineer and also sample the cereals that are full of nutrition.


  • Food Engineer
  • Food Sampler

Activity Description

Children learn how cereals are made and more about the nutrients that go in it, as they role-play as Food Engineers. Toddlers can role-play as Food-Samplers here too.

Activity Duration

20 Minutes

Skills Gained

  • Psychomotor Skills: Kids build psychomotor skills during this activity by putting ingredients in the correct slots, pressing the right buttons to follow the process and to create their very own pack of Chocos.
  • Cognitive Skills: Understanding the ingredients that go into the making a pack, analyzing the processes and following it, performing and understanding quality check helps build a child's analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Emotional Skills: Kids learn essential emotional skills during this activity through the happiness and achievement after creating their own package of cereal.
  • Social Skills: Kids may interact with fellow visitors during the activity, they learn patience waiting for their turn and end product.


Kids role-playing as Food Engineers have to pay 12 KidZos for this activity whereas Food Samplers earn a salary of 8 kidZos.