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Welcome to the real world of edutainment. The world-class education along with fun-filled activities offers your kids a different learning experience that they never had. If you have a plan to visit Mumbai with your kids or you are in Mumbai, then KidZania is the only theme park in Mumbai which offers a good entertainment and educational value for your kids. Now, let’s go deeper about the activities for kids and adults in KidZania Mumbai.

KidZania Mumbai is a global indoor city for entertainment and learning built-to-scale for kids. There are more than hundreds of role-play activities for kids to try out. Children can choose their dream profession to learn more about it and to be aware of the real world happenings.


Activities for Kids

KidZania Mumbai offers various activities and events for Kids to encourage them to understand more about their future profession and society. There are more than hundreds of activities that your children can choose and try. The interactive indoor theme park empowers, inspires and educate the kids through the real-life role-playing activities.

The real-life role-playing helps the kids to learn more about different careers and also tends to learn about the money management. There are different real-world industries such as private and public services, restaurants, automobile, airline, factories and others in which the children can role-play as a doctor, police officer, pilot, chef, engineer, teacher, fire-fighter and much more.

Apart from learning, the children can develop their leadership skills, technical knowledge, the value of independence, the value of money and much more.

Activities for Toddlers

KIdZania Mumbai offers more than 30 activities for kids up to 4years of age. Childhood education mostly focuses on learning through play. The role-play activities for toddlers inKidZania Mumbai helps them to learn with fun activities and to develop the essential life skills. The different activities for Toddlers offered by KidZania Mumbai include:

•    Delivery Services

•    Exclusive Toddler Zone includes preschool and residence.

•    Factory tour includes Kinderjoy product factory, Parle biscuit factory, Frooti mango drink factory and much more.

•    Dancer at party hub.

•    Talent Zone including dance academy, arts, and crafts studio and others.

Activities for Adults

KidZania Mumbai not only offers fun-filled activities for kids, it also offers adult activities to involve and engage with their children. At the indoor theme park in Mumbai, KidZania encourages parent’s involvement in the children learning process through different role-playing adventure activities. So, the parents can also enjoy different activities as their kids do. Some of the major activities for adults  include:

•    Amity University – Parents can guide their child in their role-play as teacher and academicians.

•    Painting studio – To unleash your creative skills.

•    Hair spa – Get your hair styled or become a stylist yourself.

•    School of Music, Acting Academy, Dance studio and much more.

Now you can conclude your reasons to visit KidZania indoor theme park in Mumbai with your family. You and your kids will definitely have a day with lots of enjoyment with tons of the learning experience.

Role-playing activities for kids

100+ real-life role-playing activities for kids under one roof - Kidzania Mumbai


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 
― Nelson Mandela


Education paves the way for a bright and successful future. As parents, we should understand its importance and aim to offer quality education to our children. With these thoughts, KidZania embarked on its journey in providing global standard education which is blended with reality and entertainment. KidZania Mumbai, the global indoor city offering 100+ real-life role-playing activities for kids under one roof to make children understand and manage their world. Here’s a brief explanation about role-playing.


What is Role-playing?


Role-playing is the changing of one's behavior to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role. The joy of role-playing is that your child can imagine and assume a role that he or she wishes to do. Role-playing allows them to be in different shoes for a day and allows them the get a hands-on experience in a multi-faceted environment.

KidZania Mumbai offers hundreds of professional role-playing activities for kids to try out the profession they like. With the help of these real-time professional role-playing, the kids can learn more about the value of independence, leadership, and empowerment and become aware of the benefits involved. It also helps them to understand and manage the world as the professional in the world they are growing into.


The Importance of Roleplay


The role-playing activities help to develop and build the self-esteem of the children and importantly, it helps them to learn who they actually are. When children engage in role-playing, it helps them to develop problem-solving skills, leadership, the way of thinking, and also helps them to develop social-emotional growth and feelings of empathy.

When children are encouraged to adopt these roles, they get to experience the veracity of their desired professions. The hands-on exposure enriches their intellect and makes them aware of the fundamentals of financial literacy and the functions of society.


The Benefits of Role Play in Early Years


Role-playing is one of the important aspects of child development and the early stages, it helps them to know more about the real world and happenings around them. Role Play in early years has numerous benefits such as

•    It helps to develop problem-solving skills.

•    Develops communication and language skills.

•    Encourages children to express their ideas and creative thinking to find a perfect solution.

•    Helps them to understand the role of a character and the importance of that profession.

•    It helps to develop awareness of themselves and others.

•    They are taught to be able to manage their financial needs according to their requirements.

•    Helps to learn more about different cultures.

•    Helps to develop their decision-making skills with their own ideas.


Role-Playing Activities for kids at KidZania Mumbai


By understanding the importance of role-playing, KidZania Mumbai offers hundreds of role-play activities for kids under one roof. The different role-play activities offered by KidZania which includes the professions such as actors, police officers, bank employees, doctor, nurse, teacher, pilot, firefighter, lawyer and many others.

By offering a powerful developmental experience in which reality and entertainment intersect, KidZania empowers children life skills which help them to manage and brave the waves of adulthood.

Why KidZania Mumbai?

Before you decide to visit KidZania Mumbai, let’s see a brief explanation about KidZania.

What is KidZania?

KidZania is one of the fastest growing interactive children learning and entertainment brands in the world. It’s an interactive city specially made for children between ages 2 to 16 years that combines inspiration, fun activities, and world-class learning through realistic role play. Your kids can enjoy learning through role-playing activities with the variety of Occupation for them to choose. The interactive indoor city provides an enriched platform for the kids to discover, explore and learn more about the real world.

The interactive city made it’s way to India where the kids can explore the fun-filled activities with learning in KidZania Mumbai. Now, let’s get into the topic regarding the reasons to choose KidZania Mumbai.

Educational Value

There is a huge opportunity for your kids to explore world-class learning with a comfortable and entertaining environment. The educational value seems to be higher as your kids will learn with realistic role plays which helps them to know more about the real-world activities. There are huge numbers of careers to choose as per their interest and the practical sessions will help them to choose the best for their future.  It helps them to expand their decision-making skills, leadership skills, problem-solving and social values.

Role play learning

Role play is a universal mode of play which comes naturally to each and every child of all generations. Along with fun, it also provides various positive aspects to your kids to learn, motivate and to develop different skills by themselves.

By blending learning and reality with entertainment, the fun-filled activities for kids in KidZania Mumbai helps children to understand and manage the real world.

Entertainment and Fun Filled activities

KidZania Mumbai not only provides your child a better learning experience but also has a lot of fun-filled activities to keep them active in their learning program. Why do you want to search for theme parks, water resorts and kids amusement park in Mumbai to make your kids enjoy the day? KidZania offers various entertainment programs and events for kids with fun activities along with learning. So, your kids will enjoy learning with fun-filled activities in this amazing indoor city.

Safety and Security

When it comes to the point of safety and security, each and every parent will give great importance in that aspect. The safety of each and every visitor is the paramount aspect for us – the KidZania Mumbai. Our experienced mentors maintain a methodical security protocol and ensure that children follow all the safety guidelines.

Each employee in KidZania undergoes a complete background check and take up with special training regarding the child health, psychology and safety. So, your child will be extremely safe inside the campus of KidZania Mumbai. Running safe and secured adventure theme park in Mumbai with lots of fun activities, KidZania might be the better option for your kids to learn a lot along with entertainment.

Still waiting to plan for summer camp for kids in Mumbai, KidZania offers you the best and safest place where your kids will enjoy learning. Join us and let your kids explore the real world happenings with leadership, problem-solving skills, decision-making skills and much more.


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