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B·KidZanian PaZZport

Benefits for better CitiZens

Bkz-1 What is the B•KidZanian Program?

The B•KidZanian consists of granting citizenship to children who wish to belong to this great nation of KidZania. As CitiZens of KidZania, your children will learn important leadership and teamwork skills, as well as gain benefits while having fun.

To register, go to the PaZZport Office at KidZania, take your child's photo and receive an official KidZania PaZZport. B•KidZanian PaZZports are available to children in the age group of 4-16 years with their parent or legal guardian's consent. A nominal fee is charged upon collection of the PaZZport.

Kidzanians Benefits

As an added benefit of joining our B • KidZanian Loyalty Program, we now offer you special discounts on showing your PaZZports at our ticketing counter. What more! You can also avail the same discount for one accompanying member during your visit. Take a look at the offer details below:

CitiZenship Level

% Discount

Naturalized CitiZen


Distinguished CitiZen


Honourable CitiZen


Other Benefits:

  • Payment of extra kidZos for work activity completed according to the level of your paZZport

  • kidZos discount on activity completed according to the level of your paZZport

  • Discount on The National Store of KidZania according to the level of your paZZport

  • Redemption discount in the department stores of KidZania

  • You will receive news and exclusive offers from KidZania


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