B.KidZanian Offer

B.KidZanian Offer

Citizens of KidZania! As an added benefit for joining our B.KidZanian Loyalty Program, we now offer you special discounts on showing your PaZZports at our ticketing counter. Take a look at the offer details below:

Naturalized CitiZen 10% off
Distinguished CitiZen 15% off
Honourable CitiZen 20% off

You can avail of the B.KidZanian PaZZport while entering KidZania at our Airport Ticketing Counter or inside the facility at the PaZZport Office for a nominal fee of Rs. 350.


  1. Offer available only on Kid & Toddler Tickets for 5 Hour Tickets and Day Pass
  2. The offer is only valid against PaZZports issued at KidZania Mumbai.
  3. Offer can only be availed at the KidZania Mumbai Ticket Counters.
  4. PaZZport Holder needs to be present with an original paZZport; photocopies will not be allowed.
  5. This offer is valid for 1 year from your paZZport issue date.
  6. Kids below 8 years have to be accompanied by an adult.
  7. The entitlements availed with this offer cannot be combined with other offers, groups, parties or special events.
  8. Entry rights and access to KidZania Mumbai shall be as per the terms & conditions of KidZania Mumbai. For operating days/hours, detailed T&C or any further details and clarifications please check the KidZania website www.KidZania.in or call 1800-102-1222.