Our Economy

What Is KidZania?

Our Economy

Work, Earn, Play!

KidZania has its own functional economy just like any other nation, around which the experience of KidZania lies. Throughout the journey of KidZania, kids learn to earn, spend and save kidZos, thus better understanding various aspects of financial literacy!

Kidzos Currency of Kidzania

Integrated into the role-play element of KidZania, kids reap the benefits of the working world by being paid for the activities they undertake with KidZania’s very own currency, kidZos, as part of the city’s supply and demand economy.

Upon entering KidZania, kids will receive a cheque of kidZos and have the choice to use kidZos as either cash to purchase goods and services at all KidZania locations.

Where are kidZos saved?

We have a banking system where children can save their kidZos, request a debit card and manage their finances at the bank branch or through the ATMs, located inside KidZania only.

When opening a savings account, kids will receive their very own debit card that will be customized with their name and signature.

Please note: kidZos can be used only in KidZania.